5 Most Popular Super Mario Games

Super Mario Games


There is no other way to say this than that Super Mario games are stunning. They are versatile, come with all sorts of features and there are many of them. You can download Super Mario ROMs on your computer and play them within seconds. The real question is which games you need to download. Well, the answers are explained below.

  1. Super Mario Bros.

We are referring to the original, the first and the one of a kind Super Mario Bros. game that made gaming so desirable and so popular as we know it today. The first game was defined as the most perfect and the most precise development of the kind. Players had to navigate Mario carefully, perform complicated and well-organized movements and so much more. The game was simple as well. According to the developers, it has to provide basic skills and basic movements of the characters.

Super Mario Bros

There is no a lot of gamers who didn’t play this game. All of this means is that it has been the most popular, the most important and the best of the best, period.

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is still known as an evolutionally game that started the trend we have today. It was the most advanced game back in a day and it offered countless improvements and benefits compared to the second and first sequel. This was a day when other games had a few colors. Then we have Super Mario Bros. 3 which offers colorful gameplay with massive worlds and with countless options.

Super Mario Bros. 3

The game was so popular that it soon became one of the best games across the world. Players realized that gaming can be vivid, colorful and better than they got used to it.

  1. Super Mario Odyssey

Although the game is relatively new or better said the newest on our list, it is so popular that definitely deserves a place. The game features Mario, obviously who will use his hat to defeat all possible monsters and enemies, including T-rex.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario Odyssey also features an intuitive gameplay and puzzles that a player must solve. There are plenty of levels to experience and the gameplay is better and more complex as you move along. The reason why the version is on our list is the combination of classic Mario game with newer details.

  1. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was released in the mid-90s and it was the 3D version of the game. As you would expect, players were thrilled with the gameplay and the details the new world had. It was also possible to use analog controllers to play with your character and to move around the world precisely as you like.

Super Mario 64

The world was massive, the movement was so real and the missions were fun but complicated at the same time. Nevertheless, it remains as one of the 3D games that was so popular that gamers became addicted to it.

  1. Super Mario Bros. 2

Of course, we will include the Super Mario Bros. 2. This game was best-known for the ability to play it using Mario, Princess, Luigi or Toad. Even better, each character had its own ability. For instance, Luigi was able to jump higher and longer than other characters, Princess had the ability to stay in the air while jumping for a few seconds and so much more.

Super Mario Bros. 2

The gameplay and the graphics were basic and if you recall, we did mention that the third sequel changed all of that. The second one aimed simple gameplay with a lot of missions, levels, and additions you were able to use.


Now you know which Mario games are the best and which one deserves your full attention. Start by downloading one or two of them and move to the next one until you find a game that is just right for you and your gaming needs.

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