5 Reasons Why Chicago is the Best Place to Set-Up an Office


Chicago may be known for its chilly weather and deep-dish pizzas, but it also has one of the country’s most diversified economies. The windy city is home to thirty-six Fortune 500 companies. It prides itself on having a GRP or Gross Regional Product of over $609 billion and four million employees in its roster.

Chicago companies flourish in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, publishing, information technology, and risk management innovation. It is an incubator for many startups and growing businesses.

If your company is looking for a home where you could grow your business, Chicago is your best bet. You need a tenant representative to find a office space for rent Chicago, who will help you search for an area that will meet your needs and requirements.

To help you narrow down your choices on where to set up your office, here are some reasons why Chicago is the best place to call your home.

The Spirit of Collaboration

There is a strong sense of community among entrepreneurs in Chicago, especially in the surrounding suburbs. The spirit of collaboration enhances the business climate and motivates business owners to give their best.

Chicago business owners focus on fundamental elements such as revenue production and commerce, making businesses more sustainable. Since the state houses over 400 important company headquarters, it is an ideal place for B2B companies.

An Excellent Source of Business Education

Chicago has top educational institutions with impressive business programs. These include the University of Illinois, De Paul University, and Loyola University Chicago. These universities are a great source of entrepreneurial talent.

In the past, graduates choose to work on the West Coast, but because of the excellent business climate, more entrepreneurs since have decided to set up their business in Chicago.

Pro-Business Leadership

The success of the companies in Chicago is a result of reforms that encourage a positive business outlook. The Chicago government does its best to abolish red tape and promote ease of doing business. It includes reducing business license types from 117 to 49. There are lesser barriers to starting a business and setting up an office.

The city’s downtown area has a low commercial space vacancy rate, so looking for an appropriate office space for your business might be a daunting task. It is best to hire the services of a tenant representative who can help you find the best area and negotiate for the best deals regarding your office space for rent in Chicago.

Growing Tech Scene

Chicago is home to 180 small-business development and incubation centers. Technology companies attract about 1.7 billion dollars’ worth of funding for a single year alone. A Seattle based M & A and venture capital database also named Chicago as the top city for return on startup investment.

This encouraging startup situation makes it an excellent place to grow your startup and attract more investors. Setting up an office in a place where the magic happens would surely benefit your business in the long run.

Chicago has proven to be an ideal home to set up an office and build your business from the ground up. But with the continuous growth, comes a competitive commercial real estate market. To ensure your space in this city where dreams come true, you have to work together with a reliable tenant representative.

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