Bangalore: A Divergent City

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Are you tired of the everyday hustle and drag of life and are looking for a change of scenery? Have you always wanted to go to a city filled with diverse groups of people and green spaces? The answer to all your queries is the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. Often, Bangalore is referred to as the silicon valley of India, due to its extensive IT companies in and around. Yet, it is not just industry and work that Bangalore offers, there is much more.

The city is filled with parks and lakes, with more greenery than most cities in the country and it also has its fair share of monuments and places. If you want an escape from the tiring city of Pune, Bangalore is the perfect place. With airfares dropping off considerably, you can easily find Pune to Bangalore flights at a good deal. Pack light, as you can do a ton of shopping from the many places in the city and snag items for surprising discounts. The cuisine is also something worth dying for, with influences from all over the country, you can find one of the best dining experiences in India.

There are many places you can visit during your stay in Bangalore. These can be historical or cultural sites; it can also be the many parks and animal reserves around the city. Some of the popular and must visit sights are:

  • Lalbagh Gardens: This is a very popular tourist attraction and is one of the biggest gardens in all of Asia. You can find thousands of species of plants and animals in the area. The gardens were built in 1760 and host two annual flower shows, which attracts visitors from all over the world. It is home to India’s largest collection of tropical plants. It is a very cultural and historical place, with the garden being commissioned by the famous ruler, Hyder Ali and then completed by his son Tipu Sultan. It is one of the places that one must visit if they are ever in the city.
  • Bannerghatta National Park: If you are on the lookout for animals and have a penchant for rare wildlife, the national park is the perfect place to be. It was founded in 1970 and has been a very popular place for tourists, with a zoo, museums and parks all inside the park. You can find the very rare Royal Bengal Tiger in the enclosures of the park and can be a breathtaking You can find a host of majestic creatures in the area, such as the lion, leopards and elephants. This place is the perfect spot for a retreat and you can unwind from the stresses of city life in this park.

The city has a lot more to offer, but it is unique in the fact that unlike other metros of India, Bangalore has its share of parks and greenery. The city has its own charms and there are many more places that are worth a visit. If you wish to be spellbound by the charisma of a city, Bangalore is the place to be.

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