Change the Look of Your Honda Bike With OEM Fairings


It’s easy to change the look of your bike with Honda OEM fairings. Fairings are eye-catching, protective panels that can be installed on many models. The major difference between OEM motorcycle fairings and aftermarket designs is that genuine parts are designed to fit particular bike models. This can make installation easier and limit the need for additional modifications.

Fairings Made For Your Model

The easiest way to switch out fairings is to select designs made to fit your make and model. Some parts stores make it possible for customers to enter the specifications of a bike before shopping to limit the results to parts designed for a specific model.  Look for genuine Honda fairing sets, sub-harnesses and other mounting components. A retailer with a price-match guarantee can offer the best prices on motorcycle parts.

Compatible Fairings

It may also be possible to modify OEM Honda fairings designed for a slightly different submodel or year of manufacture to fit your bike. If you do not have a lot of experience with mods and a garage full of tools to alter the shape of fairings or paint these components, you may want to rely on a skilled bike bodywork specialist.

Aftermarket Designs

Even more options are available with aftermarket designs. Most of these parts will require some degree of modification in order to fit a particular Honda bike model. The major advantage of OEM fairings is that these parts are guaranteed to fit the bike make and model for which they were intended.

Depending on the model, only limited OEM fairing colors may be available. Riders seeking a custom look may want to order fairings designed to fit their bike make and model and have professional body work done. Even if you modify the appearance of genuine Honda fairings, OEM parts will still require less labor than compatible parts or aftermarket fairings.

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