Do You Know When Were Chainsaws Invented?

Chainsaws Invented


There are definitely two items directly involved whenever somebody things about tree removal. These are axe and the most used working tool, chainsaw!

Axe has a very commonly known history that it was a primitive carving tool from ages ago. But when it comes to chainsaw we glance blankly. So, When Were best Chainsaws Invented, what’s their background? Let’s have a brief but fun chat over that today. 

When Were Chainsaws Invented?

So, it was in 1830 when the first chainsaw came into the spotlight. It was huge and only included a few advancements back then. The weight was really daunting to hold for a person. So at least two had to pair up for using this genius invention.

The cutters started to use this tool once the world war was over. They used it for cutting woods and the technique was almost the same as modern day’s cutting ways.

Since the war was over, more metal improvements and advancement tend to happen. So, the manufacturing company was having a great pace in developing new machinery.

This is why chainsaws started to get popular from that time. You may not believe but, it was used to cut bone in medical society.

Then, after the second world war happens, medically industry did not sed chainsaws anymore for cutting bones. It begins to make a place in the forestry arena.  People started to use it for large tree falls and cutting them into tiny limbs.

First Chainsaw

The very first chainsaw had some connects and chain featuring on it. The chain was toothed and existed on one side. The two handles of the saw were residing on both sides. Anybody using it had to swap one of its handle to an arched needle. Then he had to pass it through a patient’s soft tissue. This was basically surrounding the bones. Next, the handle was replaced again. This is when the sawing used to start.

Turning into Forestry Version

The chainsaw design eventually came as today’s modern version of the chainsaw with some effective resemblance. A German doctor intended to develop a better bone saw. So, he closes the loops that were serrated.

However, the chainsaw still needed a whole century after that to become how it is today.  The most popular Stihl chainsaw began its journey in 1927 with the very first gasoline power chainsaw. Later in 1929, a better version got released.

That’s the rising point when the chainsaw industry saw some dramatic changes and adaptions of feature in the tool.

Many advancement and increments were made during the period to transfer it as today’s effective mechanism of cutting woods. Today, it can be sued for a number of other applications as well.


Today, the manufacturing industry cannot think about without a quality chainsaw. Thanks to it’s a really interesting history, the chainsaw is what it is with some of the coolest features and models that have turned many workers efforts work well in a certain project of cutting.

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