Doubling Sales with Coupon Codes: Why timing is everything


In this digital age operating business is a challenging task. So every day each business is dedicating it’s time to come with fresh plan that makes to elevate the sales and trade. The strategy is designed in such a way it attracts more customers to buy service and products from their company instead from their competitors.

Recently one common strategy has been started from most of the E-Commerce companies is to generate sales. Without sales certainly, a business will fail. For that reason, companies are incentivizing their customers through promotional coupon codes.

What is Coupon code?

Coupon code which is a also termed as promo code is a computer generated code which will be a combination of words and digits, that is available in shopping site thus provides attractive discount for the current purchase.

Not necessarily the coupon code will be available in the shopping sites. Most of the times the code will be obtainable within affiliate programs, blog posts, email newsletter, and SMS. In addition to that, the coupon will also be available in certain coupon code sites. Some websites provide the best promo codes for the shoppers to copy and paste; in the coupon code box while checking out the cart. Some of the familiar sites that offer promo codes are, RetailMeNot, and Coupon Cabin, these sites offers thousands of shopping promo codes within single site.

Use the promo codes at the right time

Time and tide for none!

Similarly, promo codes works on the concept of time that makes the customers to purchase the products with great discounts within scheduled time. During the nonseason promo codes helps to attract more customers to buy service or products. While in the case of season promo codes promote customers to choose your company products instead of your competitors.

The codes become invaluable after it is expired. So it is a responsibility of business people to make the coupon code to reach to the right customers hand in the right time. By keeping the expiration date for the coupon make consumers appealing on the products and rush to purchase quickly.

 How to set up promo codes in online platform?

Ideally, there are different ways to set up promotional coupon codes.

  1. Share code exclusively to a group- Marketing strategy has been advanced now businesses can filter the set of people through their shopping behavior (frequent buyers). A company can give away their discount code to only its limited fans. This strategy aids to hype your company’s brand that adds competitive edge to the campaign.
  2. Share discount code to all purchasers- The better way to attract people who not bought any products or service from their site is to distribute attractive discount code to only its members. When a company share out coupon codes to its only customers who taken products or service from their end, the customers feel special and endorse them to buy more and more.
  3. Give a unique code to each one- Offering unique and different discounts for different customers make them feel special. In this way, it also attracts nonpurchasers to turn at your company products. In exchange with this, the company can also take customer feedback to improve their sales.


Coupon code is a popular marketing strategy used by most of the E-Commerce companies. The promotional plan of action must be implemented with good preparation if not they might get with bad strike with retailers thus results in disappointing outcomes. Apparently, a poor campaign could be risky. These days promotions are important and it can be performed through social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. These social media sites help to reach more target audience at right time. A single strategy cannot run for long time, the promotional activities must be changed frequently.

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