dr.fone: Switching smartphones is easier


If you recently switched smartphones, you know how boring the data transfer phone to phone was. However, there are numerous tools to simplify the change. One is dr.fone, which can do even more than the built-in Android and iOS options.

Currently, there are several options for transfer data from iPhone to Android, so you can switch from an old smartphone to a new one, and each manufacturer produces its own alternative. A complete solution you can find with Wondershare, using dr.fone. There is also a good tool for saving data from your iPhone or even for the difficult exchange of social media applications and messengers.

Switching smartphones is easier
Switching smartphones is easier

dr.fone – Switch: Switching to the new smartphone is easier

Do you have a new smartphone and want to move all your data to the new device? This can be a problem, especially when switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone or vice versa. But the dr.fone – Switch is dedicated to this and offers a complete package for a perfect exchange.

A simple interface that you get used to quickly

With the Windows program, you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, calendars, and music to your new smartphone, whether it’s true to your operating system or experiencing something new. And, you see, dr.fone currently supports more than 6,000 different models of smartphones and tablets from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola and others.

And you can do this even if you do not have a computer on hand. Alternatively, there is also the dr.fone Android application to transfer data from iCloud or directly from the old iPhone to the Android smartphone. You do not even have to wait for two hours, because even with thousands of messages and hundreds of contacts, according to the developer, usually the process takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

Currently, the Google Switch app for Android smartphones is available in English only. However, the program is so simple that operation should not be a problem, even with simple knowledge of English.

dr.fone – Restore: you choose which data to restore

Another scenario: Do ​​you just want to transfer your data from your old smartphone to a new smartphone? So you probably start with the simple backup to iCloud iOS or make a backup on Android. The problem: With the method, all contaminated sites automatically enter the new device. Although you can delete apps individually on Android, something can happen.

With dr.fone, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to decide which data should go to the next smartphone. To do this, you first back up directly from Android or iPhone from iCloud or via iTunes with dr.fone on your PC. So you can take a look at the backup and choose what goes into your new phone.

You can determine down to the smallest details which data you want to restore

But another problem may appear. You do not want, for example, to recreate your entire iPhone or Android smartphone, but only to recover certain data that has been lost. This is also possible with dr.fone. The benefit: you do not need to reset and erase your entire smartphone and you do not run the risk of losing other important data.

Instead, the application allows you to save certain data, such as notes, contacts, or messages, without compromising existing data. This allows data recovery software to do far more than just recovering data from Apple’s iPhone or what Google and other manufacturers will provide you.

Move social media without consequences

Whoever is in various social media services on the internet knows that it is not at all simple “just” switching to a new smartphone, and would like to do this quickly and retrieve the data without problems. Wondershare also knows this and has developed a special application for the numerous social media applications.

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