How to Generate Quality Thumbnails?


With the social sphere getting more and more crowded by the minute, it is hard for videos to get the viewership they deserve. If you are a content creator, you might have been facing this issue for quite some time. There is no need to worry as simply your videos are getting undermined by the traffic of videos that more popular creators are uploading. Here, we shall look at some tips like how thumbnails can be extremely beneficial for your videos and why should they be as high quality as possible?

So what are thumbnails?

When you upload a video, it is shown on your page and on search results as a simple picture, it shows up on social media sites in the same format. These pictures or previews are called thumbnails and they can make a huge impact on how many views can you garner. Put simply, these pictures are important and they should be a big priority of any content creator. The question remains how can you make good thumbnails?

The first obvious answer is to make sure the images are of exceptionally high quality. It should also match the consistency of the quality of the video, because in a way you are simply giving your audiences a glimpse of what they can expect out of your videos. Another thing to keep in mind is that, you should always make sure the shots are similar to what the video is about, that way the audiences do not get fooled and can genuinely enjoy what you have uploaded.

But what about promoting the videos on social media, you ask; that is in fact one of the best ways to have your video get the much needed exposure. Often times your social accounts have people who have drastically different interests from you, yet they can still watch your content and have a good time doing so. Initiatives like this help open up a whole new spectrum of audiences.

You should also utilise tools such as YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator, which can help you get views from far and wide. They make your thumbnail look wider and bigger, often times it helps in making it look a bit different from the rest. This can be crucial in reaching masses, as it is human tendency to get aroused by curious and different things. You might be thinking, where exactly can you find this? There are a host of websites on the internet which can help you in the process.

It is quite straight forward too; you simply have to paste your video URL from YouTube and then the YouTube to Facebook converter tool to get the desired result. The thumbnail will be in full resolution too, it bypasses Facebook’s cropping and sharing feature. You could also add on a colourful play button to entice viewers even more. With the help of tool like this at your disposal you are sure to attract a higher number of views and subscriptions. It will also help your videos not drown in the constant stream of uploads.

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