Is Menstrual Cup The Right One For You? Signs Why You Need It

Menstrual Cup


People are now getting into revolutionary changes. The changes that are circulating the society in today’s time is due to awareness of specific issues that have grown big enough that makes people take action.

For instance, one notable change is the revolution in women about menstrual hygiene awareness and its effect.

The menstrual cup has now swiftly taken place on top of the menstrual hygiene products. What product wouldn’t if it has earned its reputation due to the menstrual cup converts that have gushed the small silicone blood funnel endlessly.

Wondering if you are fit to use the menstrual cup? Or are you someone that is still weighing things in mind if it is the right one for you? Then might as well read the rest of the article! You might never know, this is a sign that you’ve been waiting for.

Menstrual Cup, What is it?

Technically speaking, a menstrual cup like the Daisy Cup is a small flexible funnel-like product. It serves its purpose through collecting your menstrual blood flow during your period.

This little friend of women is made up of medical-grade silicone or latex rubber, which ensures a woman’s safety against unwanted bacteria buildup or irritation.

Why is it Praised So Much?

Strictly speaking, tampons and sanitary pads make a woman prone to the renowned incident which happened way back 1980s— TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome. The said disease is the primary concern among women even after several decades have passed. However, due to menstrual cups, the fear in women about TSS has lessened.

Not only that, but there are other advantages of menstrual cups that are worthy of being praised for. For instance, the convenience it brings due to its 12-hour foolproof anti-leaking feature which surpasses any tampons and sanitary pads.

With its feature, you do not need to go in and out of the comfort room for how many times a day for the rest of your period week. Why? Because it will not be necessary to change anymore.

Additionally, the menstrual cup is also commended for its environmentally friendly feature. Why? Menstrual cups can be maximized for up to 10 years. It means you won’t need to buy products made out of cotton and rayon only to dispose of it after a few hours after.

Women’s waste around the world produces a waste of 100 billion of menstrual hygiene products annually. That is only within women’s jurisdiction alone, what more of the other wastes?

Is Menstrual Cup For You?

Certainly, if you want to use the famed menstrual cup, then it is definitely for you. But, if you need a little bit of reason for an encouragement to change products then here are the reasons that you are looking for!

You Have Heavy Menstrual Flow. If you are a woman with heavy menstrual flow, then the menstrual cup will save the day, especially during at night!. Menstrual cups can hold up to 28 grams of blood, unlike the tampons, which only holds 6-9 grams.

You are a Girl Boss. If you are someone that needs to get everything done within a particular day, surely having your period making you go in and out of the restroom will add to your stress. Now, with a menstrual cup, you wouldn’t have to do it! Not to mention that the cup does not leak (not unless you placed the cup wrongly).

You are a Money-wise Woman. Imagine not having to spend for about 20 dollars per box of sanitary pads or tampons every month, wouldn’t that help you much with your budget and finances? Surely you will appreciate the money that you will be able to save through using a menstrual cup as your menstrual hygiene product.

You are Pro-Environment. Remember how much women produce waste on menstrual hygiene products alone? Think about it again. If you are a woman that is conscious about your impact on Earth, then using a menstrual cup as a tampon alternative will be your one step closer to the goal in your mind.

You are Conscious About the Odor. It is undeniable that having your period not only makes you feel icky stuff down below. But aside from that concern is the odor that you might be emitting during your menstruation due to 1.) your blood 2.) hormones.

Now, if you are feeling conscious about it, then menstrual cup can also help you with that aspect as well. How? Well, since the menstrual cup is sealed inside your vagina, then the odor that the blood emits due to air exposure will not waft through your nose.


Menstrual cup like the Daisy Cup is one of the many dramatic changes women face in today’s era. Although menstrual cups offer a great deal, there are still those women that prefer tampons or sanitary pads over the cup due to one’s preferences.

Thus, if you want to change into menstrual cups or retain using tampons or pads, anything is fine as long as it serves its purpose well and you are comfortable about it. At the end of the day, your opinion is the one thing that matters most.

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