Joe Cianciotto Talks About The Impact of the Digital Media on Traditional Media


People always look for a job that offers allows creativity, flexibility, requires insignificant supervision, and offers good pay package. Most careers in digital media give permission to set your own hours, work from home, and let you use your opinion to create websites, animations, logos, posters, and business cards. If this type of employment gives you interest, then it is important that you go through the post.

The communication and marketing organizations have digital media teams that focus on developing marketing campaigns for several platforms, including web and mobile based media. Digital media agencies are becoming increasingly widespread and available positions in this area of digital media is bound to get bigger as digital technology continues to grow. Joe Cianciotto has been a part of the digital media for more than a decade now. After obtaining degree in visual communications, he went on to become an associate creative director of Publicis. After this; he has worked with DDB, U.S.A in the title of executive creative director, creative director, chief digital officer and director of digital from 2004 to 2015. As of now he is working as an executive creative director of Translation LLC where he supervises all content-related things in the agency.

Joe says that traditional media is also starting to grow into the digital world. Television, radio station, book publishers and newspaper, magazine companies, and other forms of conventional print media organizations undergo to increase their offerings into the digital empire, opening up even more digital jobs in the market. In fact, the major media houses have started a separate digital wing to meet the demands of the clientele.

The designations available in digital related media roles can vary from the marketing or PR positions to the seriously technical. Digital specialists can also be answerable for communicating with the print or digital media audience in internet blogs, social media sites, and online forums. As the internet and other digital technology suffer to become such a combined part of everyday life, greatest media jobs now engage at least some degree of digital movement, meaning that the drift in media positions is moving in the direction of incorporated model, uniting conventional and digital media activities.

As per Mr. Cianciotto while it would be irresponsible and unjust to say that digital media marketing is the chief form of marketing now, but it most definitely is a real player in the market and its position is certainly increasing every day. Nevertheless, with time digital marketing is giving a hard competition to conventional marketing. Digital marketing trends have altered the rules of the game and increasingly more companies are combining their online presence to stay viable in the market. By incorporating digital media fundamentals to the conventional marketing campaigns businesses can create two-way audio-visual presentations.

Apart from being a qualified, Joe Cianciotto loves spending time with his wife, Jen and daughters Hannah and Sophie. Even though, Mr. Cianciotto is originally from Brooklyn, he is at present residing in Long Island. When not working, Joe loves to write blogs.

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