Men’s Guide to Pairing Watches With Clothes

Pairing Watches With Clothes


Unlike women, men are only used to wearing a few accessories, and usually, it is a watch. Therefore, for a man like you, your wristwatch can be a representation of your personality and style preference. But, due to the plethora of watches available in the market, it can be quite confusing sometimes to buy a watch that suits best with your personality.

The dilemma will continue even if you own several watches as wearing them would call for following rules when it comes to dressing up. Yes, you don’t just wear a certain watch because you fancy it for the day. Although, technically, you can. But it wouldn’t hurt if you equip yourself with some knowledge when it comes to watch-and-outfit pairing.

Know that there are a lot of different types of watches, depending on the occasion where you are going or depending on your personality. If you go shopping online to buy a watch in, you will notice that it is classified into different categories. It will help you identify the exact watch that you need.

There are a few pairing rules that you need to follow  when it comes to strapping a watch and wearing your OOTD (outfit-for- the-day).

Wear a Formal Watch And Pair It With a Formal Attire

For gentlemen who are working in the office or wearing corporate attire most of the time, then you must wear a watch that looks formal, elegant, classy but looks simple. These timepieces are called dress watches. They have black leather thin straps, it is plain, the watch face color is white as simple as that but represents formality and elegance.

Wearing this kind of watch can render you a smart appeal, so if you want to look intelligent in front of your clients at work or to anyone you want to impress, then look for dress watches.

Go Swimming With Dive Watches

Buying a watch is like knowing your personality and hobbies. If you are the type of person who loves to be on the beach most of the time then ”dive” watches are for you. They are initially designed for divers so that they can use it during underwater diving. Dive watches are water-resistant, have metal bands, and are medium and lightweight. Its face has readable numbers that includes bold numerals for display.

Dive watches look best with your diving gear, swimming trunks, or any beach-friendly outfits that you want to don while cozying up on the beach.

Pilot Watches For Cockpit

Originally, these are watches for pilots or cabin crews. These are the type of watches that have large and legible dials. For pilots, time is very important, and every now and then, they have to quickly know the time for bad or good weather situations. These watches have dark dials and contrasting numbers in order for them to look luminous on a dark environment.

Pilot watches are usually oversized, have lots of markings in Bezel, and have dual time or GMT functions to identify the time of your current location. These timepieces are best worn with semi-formal outfits such as blazers, pants, and leather jackets.

Stay Rugged With Field Watches

If you are a rugged type of person who likes wearing comfortable, loose and casual clothes, then this watch is your best choice. Field watches originated in the trenches of WWI, and they are versatile and very functional. They are perfect for men who are involved in heavy activities because they are sturdy and functional.

Field watches usually have small to medium dials, have leather straps, and have easy to read numbers. Indeed, a very simple watch without any complications, perfect for every gentleman who wants to channel masculinity and a straightforward sense of style.

Drive Fast While Wearing These Racing Watches

Do you travel a lot? Do you love racing? Then complete your gear with these racing watches that are made explicitly for drivers or racers.

If you’re a racer, then timing is everything for you. Racing watches are designed to help you get the perfect timing for your speed. These watches usually have large dials and Roman numeral display. The size is medium to large with a more sophisticated chronograph compared to field watches.

You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy racing watches. You can wear these watches with sporty attires such as windbreakers, tracksuits, trackpants , or hooded jackets.


Knowing these different types of watches will make you understand how to pair them with your attire. Buy a watch that says more about your personality and hobbies. Remember what you wear is what you are; everything you own represents your identity.

Gentlemen, stay awesome and use these easy styling tips. Best advice? Choose a watch that is very casual and can be paired with any outfit you want to wear. Stay simple but looks right!

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