Nearly Extinct Kashmiri Sapphire


The high-quality Kashmiri sapphire can present a pure blue color that resembles the high altitude of the plateau, rich and slightly purple. This blue has many similarities with the German national flower Cornflower. The sapphire in Cornflower Blue is also known as the “corner sapphire”. This color is blue with purple, almost indigo, lustrous and bright, just like velvety beauty – if you zoom in on Kashmir sapphire 30-50 times with a microscope, you will see snow-like inclusions and Milky white strips, precisely because of them, Kashmiri sapphire has a unique “velvet” effect. Under the microscope, the mysterious inclusion inside the Kashmir sapphire, such a beautiful and unique family gemstone necklace, for various reasons, the Kashmir region of origin is almost extinct! why? After reading the following content, everyone will understand.

  Around 1881, outside the village of Sumjam, a landslide occurred in the Zanskar area in the southwest corner of the Himalayas, exposing the sapphire in the area and making the sapphire here discovered and gradually began to trade. In the Indian region at the time, sapphire was completely occupied by the princes like salt. When it was discovered, the Kashmiri terracotta sent its own guard to occupy the original mining area of ​​sapphire, which is 4,500 meters above sea level. Snow covered glaciers. In the first few years of mining, many high-quality sapphires were found at the elevations of the villages, and the weight could even reach 100 to 300 carats. It was not until 1887 that the Kashmir sapphire mine that was originally discovered was exhausted. In the following decades, other new sapphire mines were discovered in the area, such as the discovery of a new 200 meters near the original sapphire mining area in Kashmir in 1926.

  The pits, harsh climate and geological environment make the area suitable for mining in less than three months a year, and the lack of infrastructure makes mining difficult and the amount of mining is very small. The Kashmiri sapphire currently on the market is still mined from the earliest discovered deposits in just seven years. By 2017 this year, it can be said that almost all of the sapphire produced in Kashmir was dug up 130 years ago. As the Kashmir region is at the junction of India and Pakistan, the disputes between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir region continue to be debated. The two India-Pakistan wars in the mid-20th century made it impossible for the mining area to explore. The new mine development project that was planned to be implemented in 1990. It was also impossible to carry out due to political unrest. At the same time, the geographical environment is also quite special – the average altitude is more than 4,000 meters, the human living conditions are bad, and it is in a cold state all year round. The time suitable for mining is only 2-3 months per year. This result is really amazing. For the rare treasures of “Kashmiri sapphire”, it is inevitable that the future appreciation will be carried out from the perspective of the market or from the perspective of resource scarcity.

  Looking back at the history of auctions, there are not many sapphire. Kashmir sapphire tends to be the focus, and it has refreshed the transaction record for the second time, hitting people’s price bottom line. Here are some of the latest Kashmir Sapphire auctions: Sapphire and Diamond Ring Pillow Sapphire weighing approximately 17.43 carats from Kashmir, unheated and optimized with a total weight of about 1.80 carats of old brilliant cut diamonds. Price: HK$7,401,272.

  In April, 2019. London Bonds Sapphire and Diamond <a href=””>family necklace</a> pendant 21 pillow-shaped sapphires weighing about 10.56 to 3.02 carats are all produced in Kashmir. Unoptimized 23 pillow-shaped diamonds weighed about 4.05 to 1.03 carats respectively. Transaction price: 116,537,500 HKD.

  In November, 2018, Hong Kong Christie’s sapphire and diamond ring sugar bread mountain cut sapphire weighing about 15.08 carats from Kashmir, unheated optimization transaction price: CHF 2,052,500.

  In May, 2018, Geneva Christie’s sapphire and diamond ring pillow-shaped sapphire weighs about 11.22 carats Produced from Kashmir, without heating optimization transaction price: HKD 17,620,000.

  In November 2017, Hong Kong Christie’s sapphire and diamond earrings two sapphires weighing about 16.00 and 2.60 carats respectively from Kashmir, without heating optimization transaction price: HKD 24,060,000.

  In May 2017, Hong Kong Christie’s Art Deco style sapphire with diamond bracelet Carti Er eight pillow-shaped sapphires weighing about 10.53 to 3.38 carats from Kashmir, respectively, without heating optimization transaction price: 56,120,000 Hong Kong dollars.

  In May 2016, Hong Kong Christie’s sapphire and diamond ring pillow-shaped sapphire weighing about 16.33 carats from Kashmir, Heating optimization transaction price: CHF 2,285,000.

  In May 2016, Geneva Christie’s sapphire and diamond ring sugar bread mountain cut sapphire weighing about 25.87 carats from Kashmir, unheated optimization transaction price: 51.22 million US dollars.

  In December 2015, New York, Su Fu Two sapphire and diamond earrings with two pillow-shaped cut sapphires weighing about 7.92 carats and 7.96 carats from Kashmir, respectively. Unheated price: $2.33 million.

  In December 2015, London Bons sapphire with diamond ring round sapphire 10.33 carats from Kashmir, unheated Optimized transaction price: HK$19,160,000.

  In June 2015, Christie’s sapphire and diamond men’s jewelry rings in Hong Kong Cartier pillow-shaped sapphire weighed approximately 21.71 carats from Kashmir, without heating optimization Price: USD 4,197,0002015.

  In June, New York Christie’s Sapphire and Diamond Brooch Sapphire weighed about 30.23 carats. Kashmir, unheated optimize price: about $ 5,934,000 in May 2015, Sotheby’s in Geneva.


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