New Car Technologies That Have Revolutionized the Auto Industry

Car Technologies


There has been a big revolution in the auto industry since the introduction of the first car. Much of the impact of these positive changes has been felt in the last few decades. Today, we have new mind-blowing auto tech. This advancement informs us of what to expect in the future.

Just to understand how much these technologies are changing the auto industry, let us look at the new tech that all vehicle owners should consider. And most importantly, this technology is vital for fleet companies because it can enable them to improve their productivity.

Autonomous Cars

This must appear as the first mind-blowing technology that has changed the auto industry. A couple of automakers have now tested their fully autonomous vehicles and succeeded although there are some challenges. These vehicles combine different technologies to achieve their capabilities. There is hope that autonomous cars will become widely available.

Vehicle Communications

It is incredible that vehicles have started to communicate with each other. According to experts, this is one of the technologies that is aiding autonomous vehicles in succeeding. With sensors, vehicles can detect each other within dangerously close proximity. Other sensors on the road can transmit data that is important in accident prevention and reducing congestion in high traffic areas. Vehicles with V2V communication are useful for fleets although any other vehicle will also benefit.

Safety Features

There is a variety of tech used to enhance the safety of vehicles. If you look at modern cars, they are fitted with lane departure sensors, anti-collision technology and parking sensors among many others. Different car brands have their own unique ways of delivering such technologies to the drivers. Fleet companies that work closely with EyeRide Online can also add aftermarket features to achieve these solutions.

Electric Cars

For the longest time, gas-powered engines have dominated the roads. But these vehicles are quickly being replaced by electric vehicles. How does this technology work? It is simple; the vehicles are fitted with electric motors, which are powered by large rechargeable batteries. These cars are reliable although charging locations are still limited. The good thing is that a person can charge the car at home and run it for a couple of days without any challenges.

Interactive Cars

Imagine driving a car that accepts verbal commands. Your hands will have less to do, and the vehicle will become more fun. Alexa is one of the technologies that is making this dream a reality. Through verbal commands, such technology will control music, check information online, adjust your seats and do much more. Interactive vehicle technology is even more sophisticated in autonomous vehicles, and one has to experience it to believe it.

Flying Cars

Although this is unbelievable, the AeroMobil 3.0 has been successful in all tests as a flying car. This technology has left many people craving for more cars that fly to beat the ever-increasing traffic and also enjoy the fun of flying.

Even with this technology, people may have to wait a little longer to have flying cars on the market. It will entail a lot especially involving airspace use. But one day, this will be put in place.

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