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Antivirus developers provide customer support to the users of the antivirus. Company forms team to support their customers and assist them. Users may need help at any point in time regardless of the period of the day. The team is available throughout making the issue more fascinating for users as the device is being accessed remotely directly from the support center. Antivirus support agent ensures the proper functioning of the antivirus.

Contacting a support agent:

Users are able to get an agent for the malfunctioning of their antivirus via platforms which have been made possible by the control center. The most popular antivirus Norton is worth purchasing. It has superb services to fight with deadly viruses in the system.

The company also takes cares of customers as stated above as well. It offers Norton Customer Support that can solve all the queries of their valuable customers. Similarly, Companies have their support system in a strong way.

Customers can get an agent any of the following;

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Social support and
  • Community forum,

This is done with the intentions of meeting the needs of customers. They provide support at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers face a real-life conversation unlike the robotic answering of phone calls to end up in frustration of customers.

Phone call;

Functionality issue faced by a customer because of the antivirus is resolved with a phone call and an average of 15 minutes as the services are offered with patience. The service numbers may differ depending on your region or location.

The customer can leave his/her computer or device unattended as the Norton security agent can gain remote access to your device and help fix the issues you are facing.

Social media platforms;

       Social media platforms render everything easier than expected, as a Norton support agent will attend to users with worries. Issues with the antivirus can be communicated on social media platforms.


Security agents are available round the clock as they help customers resolve issues with their personal computers or devices at a faster rate. The customer doesn’t require any knowledge concerning IT as the agent takes charge of everything and the antivirus becomes functional in less than 15 minutes averagely.

Community forums;

Community forums facilities open and honest discussions, the agents inform users about the antivirus and recent updates.

The forum ensures the sharing of ideas between customers and also with the help of some experts in the field that are willing to help users fix problems they encounter with their antivirus.

Security agents are present in almost all forums to help users get reed of security threats and cyber threats of any form which users encounter.


Companies have numerous online forums and real-time chats which are always available. Feed backs are encouraged on these platforms.

Security issues with your device or threats can be reported on these forums made available to users Norton appreciate the comment on platforms as agents are present to empathise with users making sure they are not uncomfortable.

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