Peter Zieve Aims to Focus on These Issues Important to the Local Community

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City council is responsible for governing a city, and hence the prosperity of a local community largely depends on it.  Therefore it is important for people to elect well-qualified, pragmatic and well-established individuals like Peter Zieve to the Mukilteo city council.   This city is located quite close to Seattle.

Mr. Zieve was responsible for founding the renowned Electroimpact enterprise after receiving a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. One of the prime aims of establishing this firm was to commercialize the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting technology that Mr. Zieve has invented while doing his Doctoral Research. Electroimpact is one of the most well-known companies of the neighborhood that holds a reputation of being a haven for engineers. The engineers belonging to this company get the full scope to work on a project right from its inception and negotiations. The unique business model of this company has provided an extensive range of services and tools in the domain of satellite and aircraft manufacture. Apart from being instrumental in the development of the Mukilteo city through the projects developed by Electroimpact, Peter Zieve has also been proactive about serving the local community. He has been a Camp Solomon Schechter board member, implemented an Electroimpact Internship Program, as well as been a major sponsor or contributor to several local programs.  He has joined the world of politics quite recently, and often posts blog posts relating to it on USA herald, a popular news website.

In his city council campaign Mr. Zieve majorly focuses on the issues and concern that are near to the hearts of the people of Mukilteo city. These issues are essentially the ones that have a direct impact on the lives of people living in Mukilteo. Here are a few major issues relating to today’s times that his campaign is largely focused on:

  • The state of Washington comprises of 285 cities. Among them, Mukilteo is tied at the second position as the city having the highest sales tax at 10.3%. The current council has additionally voted to put an extra increase of 0.1% on the ballot, and also intends to raise the property taxes and add $20 to the car tabs. As per Peter Zieve these increases are required to be rolled back, and the city additionally needs to learn to live within the means available.
  • The Mukilteo city council has invested an amount as big as $18M in Rosehill Community Center. It additionally has invested $7M in a new city hall as well. However, neither of these expenses is focused on serving the local families. The neighborhood does not have any ball fields, or playgrounds south of 92nd street, or even any other premium sports facility. The new Boys and Girls Club that was supposed to be developed here has been delayed again. Being a family person himself, Mr. Zieve is extremely sensitive towards these issues, and aims at making the neighborhood as child friendly as possible.
  • If elected, Mr. Zieve also aims to work towards eliminating the many stringent building permit requirements  involved in the community that are needed to improve or maintain a privately-owned home.

The community focused approach of Mr. Zieve makes him one of the best candidates to be elected for the Mukilteo city council.

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