While thinking of selecting the Right stock broker in the stock market, you must take into consideration the LOW BROKERAGE AND HIGH EXPOSURE. It will help us to select, because these two factors are the most important factor to be taken into account while selecting the best stock broker in the market. Not only this two but many factors like technology, ratings and reviews are also necessary to be checked. There are large number of brokerage firms which guide the actions of traders or investors to understand the market trends and needs.

They guide all traders whether situated local or abroad. The brokerage is the fees that the traders pay to broker in return for providing the client the services for giving him a trade platform to perform exchanges and orders. Traders prefer low brokerage because it will help them to add more margins. In offline trade, client need to go to the broker to tell him to perform an order but in online mode, he can place the order by his own. The concept of low or zero brokerage is performed by only few brokerage firms like: wisdom capital as it offers low cost of brokerage and high margins.

In today’s time trader can perform the services from anywhere and at anytime, traders can perform the transaction even on their cell phones or tablets etc. providing them full ease in trading. Being a flexible firm is relevant but being a cost efficient is more relevant. You can go for any stock broker in the market according to your choice and choosing the best stock broker is not a difficult task if you analyze properly. The traders who perform numerous trades pay a large sum of money as brokerage, this type of broker are traditional brokers.

There are list of stock brokers having low brokerage fees and high margin.

  • Wisdom capital
  • Upstox
  • Zerodha
  • 5 Paisa
  • Nirmal Bang securities
  • Trade smart online
  • SAS online
  • Aditya birla money

 the above stated brokers, some are type of discount brokers, who are preferred because they will provide the traders with least cost of brokerage and a elevated margin. Due to the high fees of brokerage with large number of clients they are becoming hurdle in the growth of discount brokers.

Wisdom capital is a tough competitor to its rivals as they are giving traders with the high margin of 65 times or 30 times according to the brokerage rate during the market process. Some of its rivals are giving traders a margin of 15to 25 times.  Brokerage firm like: Zerodha is coming up with the margin up to 30 times, 5 Paisa providing margin of up to 20 times , Nirmal Bang with the margin of up to 10 times  and trade smart online with the high margin of up to 35 times.

These following brokerage firms are not only charging the lowest brokerage cost rates to its traders but also giving them high exposure or leverage on the orders, these firms are becoming leading firms in stock brokerage market due to its unique features and benefits provided for their traders

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