If you could sneak into the uterus you are going to come across something that you might did not expect as well. The unborn baby is covered in a thick coating of hair.

The reasons for the baby being fuzzy

What is lanugo hair? This tends to take place between 14 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. This does work out to be the fine hair that goes on to cover the whole body of your little one. The lips or the soles of the feet are some of the only regions that could be left behind. In the eyes of some parents they do name it as monkey hair. Now the question is why your baby seems so furry.

The best part about lanugo hair is that it could serve as a form of insulation. The body tends to be skinny most of the time when you are pregnant. The reason being that the body fat does appear to be one of the last areas to develop. The body warmth is maintained and it goes a long way in regulation of body temperature. The body does try to keep warm with the help of fat.

The baby has lanugo hair even after being born

What is baby lanugo would be answered by now. If the baby happens to be premature, they are going to have a coating of lanugo in place. Even after the babies complete their full term they are likely to have lanugo hair on their bodies.

The baby born with lanugo does not pose any major danger to the baby, or whoever might come in contact with your little one. There are some cultures that have gone on to prescribe traditional remedies as far as shedding of lanugo hair evolves, but in most cases it has to be not necessary. It does fall on its own over a period of time. By the time the baby is known to reach 3 to 4 months most of the hair would be replaced by vellus hair. This is the hair that most of us come across in adults.

There are some parents who worry that if the baby has lanugo hair, they would have to come up with unwanted hair later on in life. There are others who feel upset that the baby did not look the way they imagined even after carrying it for 9 months. Even if you are not a fan of lanugo it does not make you a bad parent in any way.

If the baby has lanugo and it does go on to cause stress, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to be aware that it is a natural and healthy phenomenon and there is nothing wrong with the baby. Obviously you would not want your toddler to be shaved before going to school. The growth and shedding of lanugo would be something that all kids go through. You are just going to finish the process merely outside the womb.