Some Facts to Know Before Enrolment in Mymathlab

Enrolment in Mymathlab


Every parent wants a smart kid- especially one who loves math. So, instead of granting free access to cartoons and other television programs, they get their child’s library filled with all sorts of textbooks…

Enrolment in Mymathlab

You may be in this shoes- and perhaps, that’s why you have chosen to enrol your child in the MyMathLab program. So, we have brought together key facts you should know about the program. Let’s dive in.


What is it about?

MyMathLab is an online program

 MyMathLab is an online program run by Pearson. It was created to accompany their textbooks; and -of course- promote a wider cascade effect. It is a nifty approach to making kids understand basic maths. Not only that, it also covers much more difficult topics such as statistics and calculus.

What does it offer students?

Before diving into the rigor of getting your child/student signed up for the MymathLab program, understand its benefits. Check some out below:

Students learn at their own pace

Students learn

First off, as a teacher, it should be no news to you that not all kids learn at the same rate. While some would grab the concept immediately it is mentioned, some others must-have to go over it at home before it sticks. This program targets students who have trouble understanding maths at-the-go. With this program, students get to practice maths where and when they want- at their own pace. Lovely!

Easy Communication

Easy Communication

In as much math is broken down to their level of understanding, students might still have a few questions. MyMathLab features an easy way of interaction between you and your students. Online tools such as discussion boards and virtual classrooms make the students feel as though they have a personal tutor, always available- and dedicated to their success.

How Easy Is Its Operation?

21st-century kids are very much inseparable from their smartphones. As shocking as it may sound, these kids know how to get around gadgets as much as you do- maybe even better than you! So, since kids are used to working online- coupled with the intuitive setup of the program-, getting around won’t be much of a problem for them. Again, this program features an orientation assignment and familiarity trips for new intakes. Trust me, it is simpler than you can imagine!

What Do I Gain From Using MyMathLab?

Wrapping Up

Literally everything! Ranging from online homework help to time management- MyMathLab got you covered! The program is designed to automatically grade the students after a test is conducted; so you get to create for teaching time. Also, the program kind of rates the students’ performance in the different topics; showing you areas –and students- that needs your attention more.

Before the beginning of homework, you can assign a small section of the e-book to the child; so as to promote and fasten assimilation. You can also use the MathXL exercise builder to create your own custom exercises, quizzes, homework, and tests. In other words, you can customize the courses available as much as you want in order to suit your students’ needs and preferred areas of concentration.

Wrapping Up

One more fun fact: your student can have temporary access for as long as 14 days. During this period, you would occasionally receive emails and be entitled to a free trial. Also, with these emails, you would be directed to the method of payments available.

To the computer literate world, this is a dream come through! Thousands of kids have benefitted from this program; your kids shouldn’t be left out. What do you think?

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