Steps to Getting a Business Loan Without security


In modern times, banks have become more and more approachable regarding a loan to start off or upgrade a business. A business loan can be of paramount importance when a new business plan is being started and capital is short. A business loan allows the enterprise to meet the immediate cash crunch, which allows them to efficiently continue their production process, without being hampered by the economic issues.

However, in many instances, the banks which provide business loans to new enterprises, especially the small scale businesses, often demand some sort of collateral to be put up with the bank as security. This can be a troublesome criteria for new business who are just starting out, and who have minimal or no expendable assets to put up as security.

In these cases, a business loan without security comes to the rescue of the business owners. Various banks and financial institutions have a number of plans which provide loan without collateral security. This helps the business owners to lessen their financial burden and also get loans sanctioned far more quickly, due to the reduced paperwork and waiting time. All of these factors combine to make sure that the enterprise receives timely financial aid in the form of a business loan, which allows them to function efficiently, or scale their business model.

Steps to select the correct business loan without security

Before selecting a particular business loan, it is essential to take a number of important steps to ensure that the correct plan is selected. 

  • Researching different plans: a number of banks and financial institutions offer a range of business loan options, many of which do not require a collateral to be put up as security. All of these plans have different rates of interest and tenures for repayment. Before selecting a particular plan, a customer needs to go through the terms of each plan in Details before selecting which one of them offers the best terms suitable for their business model, and choose accordingly.
  • Researching different financial institutions: like the large number of available loan options, there are also a large number of different financial institutions which offer business loans. Each of them have their own characteristic features such as prepayment fees, credit reporting etc. Another big factor in choosing a lender, is the experience and track record of the institution regarding business loans. An institution with a longer and well proven track record of satisfied customers is more likely to meet the needs of a new business enterprise.
  • Chalking out a sound business plan: before applying for a business loan, it is essential that a sound business plan is in place to invest the cash inflow. Having a concrete plan regarding usage of funds provided a clear cut idea regarding the financial requirements of the business entity, which helps in producing a sound loan application.
  • Keeping up a good credit score: while applying for a collateral free business loan, one of the major qualifying factors for an applicant is having a good credit or CIBIL score. The credit score of an applicant is a measure of the financial reliability of the applicant. Therefore having a high credit score improves the chances of the applicant getting a unsecured business loan. The credit score is calculated based on the current debt of the applicant and also the history of repayments of credit lines and previously sanctioned loans. Therefore before applying for a new loan, it is advisable that the applicant takes steps to improve his or her credit score.

The correct financial backing is of utmost importance during the initiation of any business. Business loans are a very suitable method of meeting the cash flow targets during this period. A number of financial institutions now offer business loan options for startups and small businesses which are looking to grow. Bajaj Finserv has a number of excellent options in business loans, which can be checked out at the Bajaj Finserv website.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provide opportunities to scale and grow small businesses by providing a number of MSME and SME loan options. These loans have typically high value, up to Rs.30 lakh and also have a low business loan interest rate. This provides a perfect finance solution for small and medium businesses. You can avail the loan easily in as little as 24 hours by submitting only 2 documents.

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