T-shirt Styles that will Make you a Trendsetter


A T-shirt is the comfiest wear for men, and an anytime, anywhere clothing. There isn’t much experiment one can do with men’s t-shirt, but if you can dress it up with a bit improvisation for an evening out, it can work wonders. It is known as a wonder garment and one of the most versatile clothing in your wardrobe.

With the onset of t-shirts for men, the definition of this casual wear has slightly changed. Currently, the fashionistas are bowling over the new range of designer t-shirts. They are worth every penny and are more than just a cheap piece of clothing that you use and throw. But, it is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Here we will talk about what t-shirts to buy and make it worth going into your wardrobe.

T-shirts from designer labels- 

Spending a bit extra on a few high-quality designer T-shirts of well-known brands is worth it because they are made of premium materials and superior construction. Getting a brand name may be slightly heavy on the pocket, but with that extra spend, you are more likely to find a perfect fit, quality material make, making it more wearable for a longer time. Designer t-shirts can be worn with a suit, jeans, chinos, and shorts. These will never get outdated.

Linen t-shirts make a statement. They go well with jeans, casual pants and best with chinos. The material is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. Linen tees are a lifesaver during a hot summer outing. However, this wonder garment comes at a price as they are mostly available with big brands.

For those, who are apprehensive of getting yourself into a new fashion trend, you can drop the big logo display. Those in-the-face large sized logos on T-shirts are the in-thing these days especially with big fashion houses Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Calvin Klein, Nike, Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger. Some of these branded tees cost the same as the price of a dinner at a 5-star hotel. If you can afford them, get them.

The lesser-known, Round the corner store T-shirts- 

Tees are a live-in piece of clothing, just like the Live-in Jeans tagline suggests. If you have a choice, who wouldn’t choose to live through their entire life in a crisp white tee and perfect-fit jeans? Have you realized why that college time t-shirt is still in your closet? It is a memory that is still alive, right there. So a new set of t-shirts would do any harm. If you are not the high brand, designer label type, choose your tees from the right store that provide quality fabric t-shirts. A graphic t-shirt may just do the trick.

If you are going for a lesser known brand which inexpensive, you need to double check that you don’t go and buy an undershirt tee. As t-shirt trends and styles change, it can be tricky to decipher between the two, when seen at a corner store.

A simple white T-shirt from the coolest menswear brand is available in 100% cotton with a simple graphic logo. These graphic t-shirts are a favorite with the artists and musicians.

The solid colored t-shirt in either a striking primary shade or soft pastel is the easiest way to experiment. If the weather is right, layer a lightweight bomber or unstructured blazer over your tee for that winning classic and contemporary look. Head to the high street for labels like Marks & Spencer, ASOS and Uniqlo for the fine quality colored t-shirts, just under your budget.

The longline t-shirts have thin hemlines which are street-inspired in thigh-skimming lengths. You can team it withslim-fit jeans that creates an elongated silhouette. You can nail casualwear in an instant with the short-sleeved collarless t-shirt. You can opt for this tee with slim-fit denim and desert boots for a masculine look, or with flat-fronted smart trousers and a lightweight blazer for an added sophistication.

The printed and designer t-shirts for men are available everywhere. You need to choose the right quality to wear more often. You can find soft cotton jersey T-shirts displaying summer-appropriate motifs each season, at a more affordable price. Pair it with denim shorts or distressed jeans or smarten it up for the café wear by layering it with a dark-colored unstructured blazer.

So, here is our piece of recommendations of modern men’s t-shirt styles, all well-dressed man should consider for their wardrobe. The list carries suggestions for luxury brand wearers to the choice of high street fashion for bolder and budget-conscious dressers among you.

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