The Benefits of Domestic RO water filters


Domestic water purifiers

For many years people used to boil water to make it safe for drinking at home.  The increase of micro pollutants and other contaminants in water has made it necessary to use water purifiers especially the reverse osmosis water purifiers at home to get safe and clean drinking water free from the micro pollutants.  Only boiling does not remove various chemical present in the water along with the microbes and heavy metals.  RO water purifier can effectively eliminate these pollutants and provide safe and clean drinking water at home.

Water is collected from different sources and supplied to the houses.  Although in the urban areas the water is treated in water treatment plants and takes a long route to reach the households. It is possible that the water is contaminated with various pollutants meanwhile.  So directly consuming the tap water can be very dangerous for health and doing so a person may be exposed to various water-borne diseases. The microorganisms and certain chemicals like heavy metals and pesticides are present in water can slowly damage the health after prolonged use.  The heavy metal deposits in the body and they can never be excreted out. Thus provide a very negative impact on human health.  This type of contamination cannot be removed by boiling water that’s why RO water filters are required to get contamination free safe drinking water.

The contaminations in the form of chemicals and heavy metals do not change the taste of the water and therefore cannot be detected or removed easily from water by only boiling it. There are many instances that people fall sick after drinking boiling water also.  In such cases, the domestic ro Water purifiers can prevent the outbreak of water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid and even cholera.  The RO water filters can successively remove those heavy metals from drinking water and protect the users from various health disorders like nerve damage, cancer and stunted growth.  So in order to stay protected from the toxic and dangerous continents and water, it is safe to install a domestic RO water purifier to get clean and pure drinking water at home.

How the water purifiers work 

The reverse osmosis water purification process is a simple one which is based on the mechanism of using a semi permeable membrane to effectively segregate the continents from drinking water. Water is generally contaminated with chemical substances like lead, iron and even arsenic.   Microorganisms and pesticides can also be present in the tap water.  Boiling cannot remove this type of impurities and reverse osmosis process to purify water successfully removes all the impurities through various steps and ensures clean drinking water to the users.  The functionality of domestic RO water purifier is categorized in different steps.  Those important steps of water purification are,


The impure tap water is passed through the RO pre-filters first.  The pre-filters in domestic RO water purifier actually protect the main semi permeable reverse osmosis membrane from getting damaged from the water contaminations.  Mainly sediment filter or Carbon filters are used as pre filters. The pre-filters eliminate the mud particles and other sediments along with the urine components present in the tap water.

RO membrane

The proper benefit of domestic r o plant depends very much on the quality of the semi permeable membrane used in the water filters.  The RO membrane completely separates the heavy metals, other impurities including the microorganisms from the source water.   The treated water is pure and safe for drinking.

Post filters

After the water is treated with the semi permeable membrane it inches the post filters area where the carbon filters remove any bad odor present in the water.  Actually, it enhances the taste of the drinking water.  Water is pure and tasty and ready to be stored in the storage of domestic RO water purifier.

Storage tank

The pure and clean drinking water is stored in the storage tank of the water filter.  The size of the storage tank varies according to the demand of the consumers. The capacity of domestic RO water varies from 8 liters per hour to 25 liters per hour.

Drain line

The drain line is utilized to remove all the impurities which are separated from the source water.  The drain line effectively eliminates all the components from the pre-filter and RO membrane that they are ready to filter more water.

Ultraviolet disinfection

The ultraviolet lamp is installed in the RO water filter successfully eliminate all the pathogens present in the water.  The ultraviolet light is used to modify the DNA of the pathogens which prevent them to get multiplied. The ultraviolet light constantly eliminates the microbes and the water became 99.9% free from the pathogens and save to be consumed.  This ultraviolet disinfection procedure present in the domestic RO water purifiers provides hundred per cent pure and healthy water.

Advantages of domestic water purifiers              

The domestic RO water purifiers   have the following advantages,

Water is free from heavy metals

The heavy metals are actually deposited in the human body and cannot be excreted easily.  The constant deposition of heavy metals in the human body causes various lightning diseases life nerve damage and cancer.  Drinking purified water free from heavy metals reduces the chance of affected by those deadly diseases.

Water is fit for the cancer patients

Chemotherapy is part of cancer treatment and weakens the immunity of cancer patients. The contaminated water can pose a serious threat for them.  the RO water purifiers provide safe drinking water for the cancer patients.

Water is free from cryptosporidium

Certain parasites can be found in the contaminated water which is only boiled and not treated with Ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light kills the cryptosporidium parasite known to cause stomach ache and diarrhea among the children and also among the elderly people.  RO water purifiers provide safe drinking water for all.

Water is free from sodium

The RO water purifiers successfully remove all the chemical components present in the water including the sodium which is responsible for increasing high blood pressure.  People who are suffering from kidney problems and liver ailments get benefited by the pure and safe drinking water provided by RO water purifiers.

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