Tips To Monitize Your Mobile App


Smartphones are everywhere. You see people chatting with family and friends in shopping malls and transportation systems. People of all ages are playing “Angry Birds”, “Cut the Rope” or some other entertainment. People can navigate through websites with a click and critique on smart phones, all away from home computers. For years, advertisers have benefited from home-based computers (or offices) to provide specific real-time ads and a framework for webmasters (via their browsers). Pay-per-click funds or similar ad templates can be made. This is still a success, but the problem for advertisers is that people have not used desktop computers for a long time. They use their smartphones.

If you have a smartphone and downloaded any worldfree4umovie apps, you may have encountered one or more in-app branding and possibly in-app advertising. There are a lot of people who want to show an ad from an advertiser sometimes for commercial purposes to get a great free app or game. This is the first of the five ways I want to monetize your mobile apps.

If you’re an app publisher – let’s assume you’re a busy nightclub manager and have an app to promote your club – you’re more likely to have a free app than a paid app. You can still make money with a free app!

For beginners, here are the five ways to monetize your mobile app:

Use AdMob, Millennial Media, and others to deliver in-app advertising

Sell ​​advertising space to your application for sellers and merchants

Link from your app to affiliate sites and products

Use payment notifications

Charges for app or in-app purchases

We’re a big fan of free apps. I know with certainty that I have a lot of free applications on my mobile devices. I’d rather recommend free apps to friends because I know if they do not like the apps I recommend, they can always delete them. Therefore, all the methods I describe here will be applied except for the free applications.

If you have a private app that is published (or already published, where you can always add more to it in an update), consider using AdMob or another ad grouping service. Because AdMob is part of Google’s group of companies, there may be many people who already have a relationship with them without knowing it. However, choose one of these tools and use its SDK tools (this is a task for your developer) and get your publisher credentials appropriately added to the application. Before you know it, a mini-on-screen banner will appear on your screen and it will be on your way to making more money. This method is very useful for those who have created a free application that is frequently downloaded. It’s as simple as: The more users, the more likely they are to advertise and the more likely they are to profit.

If your app is a community-based application or an application associated with certain products or services, consider getting monthly fees from merchants or suppliers to include their information in your app. This works well if you have a lot of downloads for your app. If merchants are able to see your app widely used, it’s almost not. You may be asked if you can help them!

Many store operators and other online websites have relationships with affiliate marketing sites such as Commission Junction and Linkshare. All of these work pretty much the same thing. If you use their tools, you can take their links (for commission) and include them in your app. Because people are using your app, they’ll see these links and (hopefully) click on them. If they buy from the linked site, you will receive commissions.

Personally, I like iOS for payment notifications. This keeps me in touch with some updates in games and other apps I use. But if you’re smartly marketed, you can use these apps within your apps to add value and earn more. This does not generate internal income (with application), but there is still a revenue opportunity. The payment notification allows you to share with the “subscribers” information about your app or transaction that you may have. This motivates them to work. Payment notification can be a call-to-action for the user community immediately. “Now download three free tools with just one purchase!” Get an idea?

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