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Films of Mickey Rourke


Mickey Rourke  is one of the greatest actors of his generation. He has nevertheless proven to be enigmatic in real life as some of the characters he’s portrayed on screen. Here are 10 of his best movies:

  1. Body Heat

In this flick he had a minor role as a thug, who has expertise in bombs. But this small part landed him his first major role in the following year. His charter as a client of the film’s protagonist lawyer was good enough to get him noticed. It was his best movie to boost his career path.

  1. Pope of Greenwich Village

It’s about crime drama of two Italian cousins, Charlie and paulie. They are are small thugs in new yor’s little Itlay. CHarle is a smart one and has a pregnant girlfriend and tries to be responsible one, and on the other hand Paulie always gets them in trouble.

  1. The Year of Dragon

Michael Cimino’s first film after he got bankrupted a studio with his infamous movie heaven’s gate. The Year of Dragon is a crime movie in which the actor this time plays a racist Polish Vietnam veteran turned New York cop with a vendetta against the triads in Chinatown.

  1. Diner

It’s a comedy set in the early sixties. Diner was director Barry Levinson’s debut and autobiographical love letter to his memories of growing up in Baltimore.  In this movie Mickey Rourke got his first significant role.

  1. Nine and a Half Weeks

It is an ultimate eighties movie of excess and eroticism, Nine and half weeks is a story of erotic relationship between a New York art gallery employee and a rich self-absorbed Wall Street broker. Movie was very popular all around the world except in the states.

  1. Sin City

Sin City was a near perfect adaptation of Frank Miller’s cult comic series. Casting of Mickey as Marv was absolutely superb, especially since Mickey hadn’t had a noticeable performance for about 20 years. By giving this role to him, they have created one of the movies most memorable characters and provided him his much needed come-back part.

  1. Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish is a highly stylized black and white fever dream with a killer young cast and some groundbreaking filmmaking techniques. The story revolves around rusty james who is a local thug, and stuck in a small town where he is living in his older brother’s shadow. Tension builds when his brother, The Motorcycle Boy, Rides back into town.

  1. The Restler

In Sin City Mickey made a comeback, but he had a small part in a large ensemble cast. But the role in Darren Aronofsky’s  movie The Wrestler changed all that. And he was nominated for Oscar nomination for best actor and won many awards.

  1. Barfley

Mickey played role of writer who spends his nights drinking and picking up little fights at a dingy Los Angeles watering hole, and starts a troublesome relationship with wanda. Because of this role he got nominated for Best Actor for his efforts in Spirit Award.

  1. Angel Heart

Harry Angel (Rourke) played as a private detective contracted by Louis Cypher(Reobert De Nior) To track down the iconic singer Johnny Favorite.  Howerve all the characters he interviewd about Favorite seems to meet a tragic Demise.

These are some

These are some of the best movies of Mickey Rourke.

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