Top 3 Online File Converters Of 2019


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost all of us have been through a situation in which we were in a dire need to transfer some files to a device but the format of those files wasn’t compatible with the device. It’s frustrating right? When you are in a hurry and need to convert some files but you just can’t find the right software.

Luckily, it’s the 21st century we are living in and the internet has a solution to almost all our problems. Speaking of solutions, as far as file conversion is concerned, well, you can easily find different online file converters on the internet using Google or any other such search engine. Now, the only problem here is that as there are so many file converting softwares available on the internet, it can be pretty confusing for you to choose one and see which one works and which one doesn’t.

Yes, it is a fact that a lot of these softwares are just some scams that you will encounter and that too can be very very frustrating. However, you won’t have to worry anymore because today we are here with  3 of the best online file converters of this year. So, make sure to take notes of what we are about to put in front of you because this article can save you from the frustration of finding the right online file converter. 


We have Zamzar for you that is one of the best online file converters you will ever come across. The best part about this converter is that it comes with total 12000 different file formats and you can easily convert your files using this software. For years, Zamzar has been in the file conversion game and we must say that a lot people out there are using it and they are satisfied with the results too. So, if you really want a simple and easy to use platform where you can convert your files then use Zamzar right now and thank us later!

2-Online Convert Free

Another great file converter is the Online Convert Free software that can do wonders to your life once you start using it. No matter what the format you want the file in and no matter how many you want to convert, this software will help you with all of that and that too real quick. Yes, you read it right. This free file converter is the fastest one in town and you won’t be disappointed with the results once you start using it. We’ve tried it and we loved it!


Whether you want to convert your files from Google, Dropbox, Google drive or any URL, Convertio is a good to go software for you and it’s going to be the best one. Convertio is great mainly because it can deliver you your converted files literally within a few seconds. It’s a good software to try if you really want to convert your files without taking any pain.

These are the top 3 online file converters of 2019. So, use any one of the above and you will definitely love the experience.

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