Top 5 Best Wines From Italy


Italy is known to be one of the producers of red wines or white wines in European countries and even internationally. Long before the present time, the country’s production of wines represent ancient times. The wide range of output and makers of wine establishments came from the large variety of grapes and vineyard within the North and South of Italy. The massive production of red wines makes it possible due to the enormous amount of variations and quantities of grapes within the territory of the country.

Additionally, food pairing needs to be appropriately combined to help our stomach digest food better. Also, the combination of the food and drink eases out hunger when paired somewhat. It is because every after dining, human’s throat looks for beverages that satisfy its needs. By learning to drink wines which are versatile in any main course, it would meet your tummy. Wine is not only applicable to heavy meals, but it is also suitable for any other occasions and any snack you prefer.

The following wines are deemed to be one of the Top 5 Best Wines from Italy:

Barolo Brunate Jeroboam

One of the best known Italian wines is the Barolo Brunate Jeroboam.   The red wine is a treasure of Piedmont within Italy. Also, it is produced in Piemonte, the Northern part of the Italian region.  It uses the Nebbiolo grape variety within the wine blend.   The right bends can last for decades.  Most of the chances, the wine is paired with meat dishes, bulky kinds of pasta, and creamy risottos.

The scent that is within the wine is addictive to the people.  Its fragrance of pressed woodland berry and rose with some sage overpowers the wine.  There is a distinction of this wine due to the characteristics flavor of black cherry, licorice, clove, and ground pepper.  The wine looks garnet red but reflected with the color orange.  It takes a little time to finish a bottle of this wine. After twelve months in barrique, another twelve months is intended for casks.

Ca del Bosco Franciacorta Annamaria Clementi

The Ca del Bosco Franciacorta Annamaria Clementi is from the Northern part of Italy.  It is blended with Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir.  It is full-bodied which is notable with its citrus and a refreshing finish.  The wine is a perfect Italian-style, especially for special dinner occasions.  It could also be paired with Parma Ham or Spaghetti Carbonara or White Fist.   The alcohol content of the wine contains 12 to 13% ABV.  Within the others’ experiences, the aftertaste is lingering.  It is scented well with the sweetness that the wine has offered.

Brunello di Montalcino

The Brunello di Montalcino is the king of wines that are made with Sangiovese.  It is red Italian wine produced from the vineyard surrounding Montalcino using 100% Sangiovese grapes.  Upon its process, the wine goes with an extended maceration period in which color and flavor are extracted from the skins.  After such, it follows fermentation.  Traditionally, the wines are aged for three years or more than this.

It has varieties of tasting records: aged balsamic, red pepper flake, dried oregano, and preserved sour cherry.  Due to the great punch, the wine is suggested to be drunk while eating flavored red meats and tomato-based dishes.  It tastes espresso and tilled solid along with mouth-gripping tannins.  Due to its high acidity, it becomes bold.  There is also an astringent note of the wine that will leave you licking the insides of your mouth.

Badiolo Chianti

It is also part of the most famous Italian wines.  It increased its popularity over the past years.  Mostly, it is available within the few outlets in Europe and America. It looks like ruby red with grenadine reflexes.    The wine is light with a bit of tannin at the finish.  The blend of the wine is predominantly Sangiovese with Canaiolo.

The blend is coming from 75-100% of Sangiovese, up to 10% of Canaiolo, and up to 20% of another approved red grape variety.  It includes Merlot, Syrah, or Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is suggested that the wine be paired with lamb meat for better taste pairing.  The alcohol content of the wine is 12% ABV.  The red savory and classic could suffice the taste of anyone.


Italy has been noted for its pizzas, pasta, and arts.  However, never forget that wine comes as its most exceptional prominence within Italy and countries all over the world.  The Italian products especially wine have been one of the best-selling goods already, as most recent statistics have shown.  Despite other states, significant production of wine, the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Russia, are the most extensive wine importers of Italian wines.  Thus, Italy itself had left remarkable note not only in places but also in the foods and drinks it could offer.

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