Top 5 Bollywood Movies Of 2018 | Release Date, Cast and Plot


In the year of 2018 Bollywood has witnessed some classy movies. There are must watch  top five Bollywood movies of 2018, consisting comedy to heart touching family drama, beautiful historical drama to thrilling action. Bollywood prdocude N no of movies every year. Out of which there is recommendation of top five movies of 2018 to watch. These movies make you laugh, cry and emotional.

  • ‘Andhadhun’

Release date – 5th October , 2018

Cast – Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte

Plot – Story of Pianist, who shows to be blind and his life completely changed after a murder that he has not witnessed. This suspense thriller has same intensity in 1st half as well as 2nd half. Once again Tabu is awesome, Ayushmann has played well as blind.

  • ‘Badhaai Ho

Release date18th October , 2018

Cast – Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta, Gairaj Rao, Surekha Sikri             and Sanya Malhotra

Plot – This is a family drama, once again Ayushmann Khurrana shows his acting maturity. A simple working young man is not ready to  accept when his mother becomes pregnant again. He is being embarrassed in his friends circle, society etc. This is also a message regarding love, passion, affection in family. As story continues, Neena Gupta is excellent. This movie includes family drama, family emotions, etc.

  • ‘Padmaavat

 Release date25th January , 2018

 Cast – Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

Plot – After so much controversies, Padmaavat is historical drama of between Rajput and Mughals.Queen Padmaavati became married to Chittor King Ratan Singh. Rani Padmaavati has immense beauty and she is well known for her beauty too. Ranveer Singh plays the Alauddin Khilji part who has attacked Chittor for Rani Padmaavati, also killed Raja Rantan Singh. Rani and all other ladies of Chittor commenced Jauhar to maintain their Rajpootana Culture. The  cinematography is awesome. Deepika Padukone acted the role of Rani Padmaavati, Shahid Kapoor acted the role of Raja Ratan Singh.

  • ‘Hichki’

 Release Date – 23rd March, 2018

 Starring – Rani Mukherji

Plot – A young lady who has Tourette’s syndrome appointed as a teacher of a famous school. The school authority handed over the top most useless class of the school to her. Here is the challenge of that teacher to make that class successful in upcoming exams. The movie has too many emotions. After the movies like Black, Mardani once again  Rani shows his acting skills.

  • ‘Baaghi 2

 Release Date – 30th March, 2018

 Starring – Tiger Shorff and DishaPatani

Plot – This a action based film. A army man fights for a little girl.

Eventually the fight becomes between a army man and Drug Mafia.

Tiger shows his fitness as well as dancing skills. Monoj Bajpayee leads the role of Mafia Don who is also a police officer. This is one of the best action thriller of 2018. Cute love story, aggression of a army man, action, emotion all are properly maintained by director.

These movies are the best to watch, but you can have always option to watch some other bollywood movies which were prodcued in 2018 and are being prodcuing in this fiscal year 2019. Thanks for reading..

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