Top 5 TV Shows Of 2018 | Best TV Series watch at Netflix


In the year of 2018 approx 5 million TV show and series takes place. Here Is the top TV shows of 2018 which you can watch at Netflix-

  • Atlanta (FX) – Donald Glover is pop culture’s Man of the Year. One of the best part of the disappointing solo, it is still a huge movie. ‘This is America’ the song of him and accompanying Hiro Murai directed music video had being using in documentaries for last 40 years. The season 2 of Atlanta, AKA Atlanta : Robbin’ Season, his Elegiac FX comedy series. 

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  • The Haunting of Hill House(Netflix) – The Haunting of Hill House is the reason why you see lot more character driven horror series over two years. It has become superhit when it becomes in ‘Netflix’, transforming Shirley Jackson’s haunted house story into a penetrating family drama exploring isolation and grief. This series is playing with perception in ways that both delight and terrify.

3)    The Good Place (NBC) – In the earlier of 2018 it has become 1st place in 100 TV shows in Television. But the main question is the broadcast comedy show with high concept good for a longer period than few seasons. The answer is yes, the season 1 and reinvented season 2seemingly every week to stay fresh and keep viewers off guard.

4)    Better Call Saul (AMC)Better call Saul is the fourth season of a drama about a man who would become Saul Goodman(Bob Odenkirk) into Breaking Bad territory. Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito)suffocated a man who crossed him very violently, you will come to know in this season the turning point of the show. The turning point was Jimmy McGill officially adopted the Saul Moniker by the end of the season.

5)    YOU (Lifetime)There is a lot of jokes about how you – which starring Penn Badgley as a stalker obsessed with a self-sabotaging grad student who has enough problems of her own (Elizabeth Lail) — YOU was the successor to Gossip Girl but taken to the extreme. Badgley performance as a charming bookstore owner who can do any thing for her obsession. This show has perfect balance between thriller and campy humour has become a lifetime movie plot into real art including a gift for must see moments, that we can’t forget anytime soon.

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Above are the some of the most sought TV shows of 2018 out of so many other Tv shows. These shows will make you laugh and sometimes cry, these may create some suspense and thrill to your spine. Though there are so many shows aired every year and will continue to aired year after year. But here is saying old is gold. These shows really are worth to watch. Give them a try and I bet you will love these shows and will be addicted to them.

Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming shows of 2019 and you will love them. Have any suggestions or questions about new TV shows leave your comment below in the comment section!!!

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