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It’s known across the watch industry that wristwatches originally designed for women. Men of the olden times preferred the company of stopwatches, as they deemed it masculine and robust at that time, while wristwatches were dainty and frivolous like how they looked at the women in their lives.

Today, wristwatches are a billion-dollar business, with watchmakers all over the globe producing watches and movements to try and one-up each other. Luxury watchmakers, for example, always time their launches on big watching events, like the Geneva Grand Prix.

Although in today’s social climate, the interest in luxury watches has seen a decline. With the rise of smartwatches, the industry is suffering from major hits and market cannibalization. Most luxury watchmakers have at least one line dedicated to competing with the burgeoning smartwatch demographic, but most are years behind with the technology they’re offering.

This is certainly not to say that the luxury watch market is dying. It’s still a billion-, even a trillion-dollar business. Watches in the luxury category are priced so exorbitantly that a single purchase can offset the company’s manufacturing expenses for it instantly. And luxury watches historically has been associated with social standings, so the attraction to it won’t be dying anytime soon.

Luxury watches for women are on another ballpark when compared to their counterparts. While men’s luxury watches value movement, design and make, women’s luxury watches tend to skew towards being jewelry pieces. Conventional materials such as diamonds, rose gold and gems aren’t unusual in manufacturing them.

But if you’re looking for something one of a kind – something truly remarkable, a thing that embodies uniqueness in the form of a watch, you’ll need to be browsing at a different luxury watch category. Unique luxury watches are hard to come by, and so we’ve narrowed down your options so you’ll have a better time shopping.

Hublot Big Bang Broderie

Just a little over three years old, the Broderie launched in the Geneva Watch Convention and took the watch world by a storm. Feminine, bold and unapologetic with a top of the line movement, it’s the quintessential representation of bohemian chic captured in a watch. The dial is embedded with psychedelic patterns, adorned in different pastel colors.

Available in two variations: the Sugar Skull 41mm and the Broderie Steel 41mm, it’s a big watch for women’s wrists, to say the least. But with its tapered bands and watch face, it looks smaller than in paper somehow, and women with dainty wrist shouldn’t have a problem wearing it. It’s perfect for beach days, and long drives along the coastline.

Tiffany and Co and Patek Phillipe Twenty-4

If you have a deeper pocket, the Twenty-4, which is the lovechild of two of the biggest luxury watchmakers on the planet today, should be perfect as an anniversary or a wedding gift. This watch signifies decadence with its diamonds set in a classic Tiffany watch face. Among the five variations, two are for women, the other one a Patek Philippe Complications watch.

The Twenty-4 is in quartz movement, and while its counterpart is dipped in diamonds and 18k white gold, the Twenty-4 counters back with diamonds for its hour markers. Lining up the watch on both sides are brilliant diamonds in a stainless steel casing, with a band that’s also forged from the same material.

Although it’s in quartz movement, which means you’ll have to bring the watch for battery replacement every few years or so, it’s still a watch that can be passed on to generations. It’s a watch that can be worn to black-tie events, fundraisers and social gatherings, even everyday use if your girl is that type of girl.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

Looking at the Seamaster Aqua Terra for women, specifically the one in all white – dial, case and band, you’d be forgiven if you initially would think that it’s a jewelry watch. It isn’t. There’s more to this beauty than just its looks. Packing some quite serious brawns, the watch is a Seamaster, which means it has all of the Omega’s technology for diving watches.

Capable of water resistance up to depths of 150m, the accuracy of this watch is among the best in the world. With its white mother-of-pearl dial paired with white leather straps, it can withstand some serious wear and tear without sacrificing elegance. Omega did not stop there. The company also outfitted the watch with brilliant diamonds. What’s not to like?


Luxury women’s watches is a market in itself altogether. The rise of feminism and women empowerment has given the platform for powerful women to rise, and this crop of broads isn’t going anywhere. They have the money, the power and the position in society to afford these watches, sometimes as much as or more so than the men do.

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