Wayne Imber Believes Sleep is an Important Part of Maintaining Good Health


Maintaining good health isn’t any kind of rocket science; people these days are trying so many different methods. Some are trying the keto diet, while some indulge in yoga, some others do meditation; all of these sure are helpful to some extent, but what is most neglected and overlooked in the present times is the significance of sleep. Wayne Imber, a semi-retired individual from Cincinnati, OH, is a Ph.D. in Psychology, is health conscious and believes that sleep has a major contribution to make in a healthy lifestyle.

Not being able to concentrate on work due to lack of sleep, is a familiar experience for a lot of individuals and yet they fail to recognize the pertinence of sleeping for at least eight hours a day. The human brain is constantly at work, it works on two levels, one, is to instruct the various systems in the body to function in the way they should. The other is when one tries to carry out some work and needs to think and figure out ways and means to do it. For the first level the brain has to function around the clock, but it can be relieved from tiring but limiting the pressure on it in the latter level; and that will be possible only when one sleeps.

Sleep helps the mind to relax and take a break from continuously working; in fact, sleep is considered to be the mind’s best friend. The mental health of an individual is benefitted immensely from sleeping, people experience any kind of depression suffers the most when they are awake and constantly thinking about all the negatives things of life. Taking long hours of sleep instead, stops the mind from focusing on such pessimism and keeps one away from it.

Other mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be kept at bay or under control with the help of sufficient sleep every day. Insomnia or other sleeping disorders may get triggered due to lack of sleep as says Wayne Imber, a believer in a healthy life style.

The memory of a person is said to have benefitted from proper sleep, it makes one sharper and mentally stronger, even though the person may be aging. The decision making process becomes easier for people of all ages if they can give more priority to sleeping enough. It is quite obvious one will be able to think well when the mind is fresh and not tired. Being able to focus or concentrate is another benefit that keeping a shut eye can bring into one’s life; thereby making it more convenient for one to cross life’s obstacles.

However, though sleep is a necessity for the mind, over sleeping may not aid in bringing the same kind of benefits. Hence care ought to be taken to get only as much sleep as is required for the optimum functioning of the brain and not any more.

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