What is PCB manufacturing?


A printed circuit board plays one of the important roles in electronic devices and these printed circuit boards are the backbone for all major electronics. All the electronic devices such as to say in a simpler way even digital clocks, computers, calculators, PCB is needed so without PCB a device cannot be manufactured. PCB design is one of the very minute processes and it should be done very careful to design a printed circuit board.

Before designing printed circuit board you have to clearly communicate face to face with the fabricators in order to meet the demands of the manufacturing PCB. Only then it will prevent unnecessary errors during designing process. Since more companies expect outsourcing all the PCB products so many errors may occur so in order to avoid those errors clear conversation should be made once if any error is occurred during designing process the whole process will be damaged to design the PCB board.

Essential things of Fabrication

PCB fabrication is a simple assembly method and it can be used in electronic devices and computer devices. All layers are completely put together to form a specific pattern and which is done in electronic manufacturing. Mostly the manufacturer’s designs the electronic goods to the third party person and then the company operates in a higher range of services if they are required. So the Ray PCB technology is one of the perfect technologies for PCB fabrication process.

Manufacturing process of PCB

PCB products are completely designed in an accurate manner in RayMing technologies RayPCB.com is one of the one stop store where you can purchase all the electronic goods and even PCB products in the Ray PCB store. Here in Ray PCB technologies all the PCB design software’s are available in advanced technology some commonly used software PCB designs are available in Rayming technologies and the engineers who are well experienced in designing

PCB products.

Here the PCB is completely fabricated and manufactured by using software design version and it is delivered on time without any discrepancies to the customers. Once when the PCB which is improved in the company for production stage the design manufacture will be completely authorized by the engineer and it will be send for designing stages.

And then the process will start to manufacture in which the photo filament process will be done in order to change the film design to the image of PCB. This process which is designed by using laser printer clear the plots will be clearly show so which will be highly visible only then you can do soldering process without any errors. Here the registration process should be clearly punched with the help of films only then it will be correctly matched to the electronic components.

Prepare for PCB design

Then the manufacturing process actually prepares for designing PCB here are the basic form as you have to completely laminate the board which is the green color which is made up of epoxy resin and it is a glass fiber in that you have to place a pre bonded copper on both sides.

After manufacturing all the components you have to remove the unwanted copper which is very hard at the ends. You can remove it easily by using the solvent material which is prepared with chemical solution which will completely remove the unwanted excess copper in the board.

Also, after the layer alignment which is completely done with outer sheets and number of layers build for preventing and then solder mask is applied on both the ends which is ready to clean the board into film.

Finally this is sent for the electrical test whether the design as clearly and whether it is done accurately. All this process is perfectly done in Ray PCB technologies and the process which is done step by step so Ray PCB technology is one of the perfect PCB manufacturers.

Utilization of RayPCB

RayMing technologies are very proud to announce that they have created a well organized team numbers in designing assembly services of all the electronic goods. Here streamline processes followed which will completely help the customers and the distributors to purchase the product with higher quality. You can’t get any product at best prices with very high quality. So clients are completely satisfied and happy with the components and the quality of the material purchased in Rayming technologies.

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