Will Ishita Bhalla Die IN Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? | Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News, Cast


Nowadays, you can see many twists in one of the most popular TV serial of star plus i.e. ‘Yeh hai mohabbatein’. However, despite all these twists, there has not been any major increase in serial’s TRPs. The serial has ruled the TRP chart for a very long period but now, it is not even capable to make place in the top 10 lists.

If we talk about the twist in the serial so, it’s about the death of Ishita Bhalla. Well, the answer of this question that, ‘Ishita will die or not’ is not sure till now but a planning is going on in the serial to kill her. Let’s see what kind of planning is going through the show below to get the answer of above mentioned question.

In the current episodes of ‘Yea Hai Mohabbatein’, Simmi and Param Bhalla are plotting a plan to expand the problems of their families. During this plan Simmi will also try to kill Ishita with the help of Toshi, she is also trying to prove that Ishita is the main danger to her life in the upcoming episodes of this serial.

Toshi will  started believe on what Simmi told her and attempt to kill Ishita. To get the life of Ishita, Toshi mixed the poison in milk and serve it to Ishita. After, drunk that poisoned milk Ishita will fall on the ground. However, this is not confirmed till now that, Ishita is still Alive or not.

According to the earlier report, it was claimed that there is leap coming soon in the story of serial. The reason behind this leap is Karan Verma’s come back in the serial. Earlier, when the producers of the serial were shown Aadi’s death, fans were very angry at the makers at that time.

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