AHI-one of the best hospital for heart treatments in Mumbai

best hospital for heart treatments


If you are living in Mumbai then you will find a lot of good hospitals for your heart treatment. Choosing one which is going to be the best from the available options is going to be a quite difficult task as everybody appreciates about themselves in their advertisements. If you are looking for the best heart treatment surgeon in Mumbai then you can easily get them in the Asian Heart Institute. On what basis is a hospital considered No.1? It is considered No.1 when it offers the following:

  • When it offers quality treatments
  • Uses latest and advanced technologies for treatments.
  • Offers patient-centric care.
  • Has experienced and skilled staff
  • Follows ethical practices and
  • Provides treatments within budgets.

AHI is considered as the number 1 hospital for heart treatments in Mumbai because of the following reasons:

  • It has been set up to provide world-class cardiac care in India.
  • More than 3, 80,000 patients, and have completed over 43,000 angiographies and more than 24,000 heart surgeries in a period of just 17 years.
  • The staggering success rate of 99.83% in bypass surgeries and an overall 99.4% in cardiac surgeries have been seen which is also among the highest in the world.
  • It is also the highest accredited hospital as it is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • It had No. 1 results from among its participating hospitals in the JCI’s international benchmarking survey.
  • In 2014, by the Health Care Achievers Awards hosted by the Times of India Group acknowledged it as “India’s Best Private Cardiac Hospital”.
  • The WEEK-Hansa Research also acknowledged it as the “India’s Best Private Cardiac Care” for two years in a row.
  • It has also been acknowledged with the healthcare award by CNBC & ICICI Lombard as “India’s Best Cardiac Care Hospital”
  • The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) has acknowledged it amongst the “World’s TOP 10 Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists”
  • Indiatimes.com has acknowledged it among the TOP 5 Cardiac Hospitals in India
  • It uses the best-in-class systems, processes, and practices with a strict no-tolerance policy to compromises.
  • You will get honest opinions delivered by highly capable, experienced, and dedicated professionals and this has made it as a model healthcare institution.
  • It has been set up with the aim of providing a holistic approach to heart care with the best medical professionals offering competitive prices based on ethics, expertise, experience, excellence, quality care.
  • AHI stresses on the safety and comfort of patients and relatives with its patient-centric design. In order to minimize the risk of infection which globally, is the no.1 cause for deaths in hospitals patients areas has been designed accordingly.
  • They have entered their second decade of providing world-class cardiac care to their patients and have been acknowledged as The Best Private Cardiac Care’ in India, twice in a row.
  • They are also known for their ethical practices in offering honest opinions and not conducting any unnecessary treatments to their patients.
  • They maintain the highest quality and also reduce complications, with which they offer lower overall costs to their patients as compared to other hospitals, especially in those cases which are complicated.

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