Characteristics of management


After discussing the meaning of management, we can establish the following characteristics of management

  1. It should coordinate all the people in an organization for achieving their goals.
  2. It should utilize all the available resources and secure the maximum result.
  3. It should distribute the work among the workers based on their skill and effort.
  4. It should accept and encourage any new ideas from the personnel of the industry that may result in better production.
  5. It should motivate people and provide training for the workers to improve their skills.
  6. It should have better inspection over the workers for their output.
  7. It has to maintain discipline and to keep control over the employees of various sections.
  8. It has to make the arrangement of payments and their records etc.
  9. By adhering to high standards of performance it must be able to provide facilities and wages to the workers and reduce the prices.
  10. It should look after whether the target production has been achieved as per market demand.

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