Common mistakes to avoid in Gre


Whenever you prepare for a test make sure that you beware of mistakes. While you always focus on the performance and preparation side; it is time that you focus on the mistakes too. You have to be sure about the things that you should not do during prep and performance.

It is cool that you are taking Gre coaching in Faridabad but again you have to be watchful about your mistakes. You have to be thoughtful about what you would do and how. For your convenience and so that you don’t have to work so much; following are a few mistakes that everyone should avoid for sure.

Usage of the word in the same manner in the test

Since Gre is a lot more about English vocabulary, you have to have a strong grip on English words. By this it does not mean that you would use the words in the context they were used in the book or where you read them. Always remember that there are different ways in which a single word can be used. So, it is good if you know one meaning of the word but if the word has multiple meanings, make sure that you get an idea about them too. In this way you would be able to understand the word used in the test in the right light. What is the point if you write the right meaning of the word in the test but unfortunately the word has been used in the test in a different context? Such a thing would definitely do no good.

 Don’t cram them

If you are one of those who believe in cramming the words then the test is not for you. Cramming would take you only a short distance. Moreover, cramming is always dangerous. You have to be sure that you have a good understanding of the word and to make sure that you understand the meaning of the word and not just know it would be to use them. Uses the word in your own language and sentences and you would have a good understanding of the word.  For example, once you use the word in a paragraph written by you; you would never forget the meaning of the word. In this way you would not even have to cram the word.

It is not just about hard words

If you think that Gre is all about difficult and hard words then you are mistaken. Gre is a lot more about the words that are important and commonly used.  There is every chance that you see a word in the test that is not difficult but vital. Since the word was simple by its nature, you might not have studied it. In this way the simplicity of the word can become a problem for you. Make sure that you study all the words that tare important irrespective of their difficulty level.


So, take up a seat in gre coaching in Faridabad and make sure that you stay away from the mistakes discussed above.

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