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As a national certification body for professionals in the United States pledged NBCOT® maintains a fair, reliable, and valid examination assessment. The body observes well-established processes to determine the examination’s content, including completion of a practice analysis study. Its purpose is to serve the public interest by promoting customer care and professional practice through evidence-based certification norms and validating the knowledge that is vital for effective occupational therapy practice.

To become a certified occupational therapist assistant, you have to pass the COTA examination administered by the NBCOT®, a computer-based exam with a 200 item multiple-choice questions. Only 4 hours of allotted time given to candidates in completing the exam. Same as in becoming a professional occupational therapist that needs to pass the OTR exam to get a certification and wallet card. You have to obtain a license only to the state where you want to practice your profession as an occupational therapist. Though  OTR and COTA are used by many interchangeably, they are different in so many ways. The registered occupational therapist is accountable for all facets of the patient’s evaluation and treatment, whereas the certified occupational therapy assistant needs the supervision of the OTR while providing treatment and at the same time supports with the assessment.

There is a variation of online courses available throughout the internet that provides exam guides, plan, and study preparation for NBCOT® exams.

Pass the OT

This site provides the most efficient and affordable NBCOT® examination preparation. They offer courses for OTR and COTA exams since June 2013, and up until now, they’ve been providing one-on-one personal teaching and helped countless students pass the NBCOT® examinations.

The American Occupational Therapy (AOTA)

While preparing for the NBCOT® examination, AOTA assists occupational therapist and assistant candidates by providing simulation tests and practical exams to focus on the student’s study needs. To provide a realistic experience, they developed their prep courses.


You can register to this site if you want help in preparing for the OTR and COTA examinations. They have available review and study guide that are best sellers involving representational questions and information about the exam. They also have two-day courses that are helping thousands of candidates to pass the NBCOT® examinations.

Passing the OTR and COTA examinations may be an exciting and fulfilling idea, and you may get all giddy with relief hearing and seeing your name as a registered occupational therapist, or a certified occupational therapy assistant. Here are some of the tips you may consider while studying for the NBCOT® examinations:

Recognize your style of studying. While everybody has a unique way of learning and studying, you can be advantageous if you know about how you process information. It can reduce your emotional stress and anxiety while expanding your current learning techniques. It will also become your advantage by showing on how to use your natural abilities and skills.

Value your style of learning and don’t mind others if they tell you to learn the way that they are learning.

Consider taking practice tests. These kinds of tests assess your ability and knowledge about your occupational therapy subjects. NBCOT® tests are designed to test your understanding of the clinical practice. Practical tests will serve as your guide to rehearsing your learnings and putting it to application. The sites mentioned above can help you by registering through their online programs and preparation courses.

Develop your testing tolerance. Taking a 170 item multiple choice exam may be a mind-numbing experience, requiring you to finish it for 4 hours. While practicing it beforehand and doing tests simulation could help candidates build up their patience and tolerance into taking the examination.

Take regular breaks. During your review sessions, take a study break regularly. Breathe some fresh air and take a stretch. Getting your body moving enables you to acquire good blood circulation, which helps you become energized. Breaks can help you improve your brain functioning, relax, and focus your attention. Eating healthy meals can also benefit the body and mindset. Although thinking caffeine as your best bud in studying, too much of it has harmful effects and can cause you to tumble in the end. Positive study break activities help in focusing long term and not just the energy spurts that caffeine provides.

Generate insights. You can gain passers and retakers perspectives about the NBCOT® examination that can serve as your lesson and guide on how to ace the exams. Not passing the exam on the first try does not define your passion and knowledge about the profession. This scenario can serve as your stepping stone to study hard and push further the examination.


It would require brave souls to take the feared examination of the students, the NBCOT® examination, yet many sites helping you get through it, giving you prep courses and study guides. Make use of those courses and do your best to achieve your goal to pass the examinations.

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