Spheres for Electric Linear Actuators Implementation


The use of electric linear actuators nowadays is one of the best solutions for cases when customers need to achieve the most possible smooth movement. The scope of application of electric linear actuators over the past 25 years expanded significantly. This technology began to be used to perform the one direction movement in, two opposite directions movement, to extend, recline, raise, lower with different loads and different force needed – from 600 N to 10,000 N.

In present days customers can choose a single suitable electric linear actuator for the concrete linear motion application required. But what explains the massive expansion of this product at the world market to such an extent that they have become so widely popular? The widespread implementation of electromechanical linear actuators in various areas of production is explained by the fact that they are a complete device that has a relatively low cost and does not require a special design for a specific task and additional equipment in most of the cases. Also, due to the continuous growth of requirements for the quality of manufactured products, many manufacturing industries have faced with the fact that old equipment does not fully meet the necessary production goals, and to a certain extent even fails to meet. Regarding this, a replacement for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators was needed in those devices where its use was no longer rational from an economic point of view, as well as where their use was difficult or impossible.

The principle of operation of the linear actuator assumes that they can be combined with various control systems, with which it is possible to control the system with fairly high accuracy while regulating the speed and acceleration. Compared to hydraulics and pneumatics, linear actuators are easy-to-install, much smaller and do not require constant maintenance service for implementing a safe workflow. In addition, electric linear actuators have a sufficiently high duty cycle, which significantly reduces production costs compared to other, most expensive equipment. Another positive feature of electric linear actuators is a low level of noise produced when active, low energy costs, as well as environmental friendliness. Modern electromechanical linear actuators comply with all international requirements and have a degree of protection up to IP 66 as a default one.

Thanks to their multifunctional usage linear motion actuators gained undoubted recognition by worldwide manufacturers of high-level technologies that require superclear coordination and precise performance under the most unexpected and complicated conditions. Worldwide famous linear motion automation leviathan Progressive Automations deals with manufacturing of the most reliable examples of electric linear actuators of different sizes dedicated to an unbelievable wide range of tasks associated with pulling, lifting, contracting and retracting. Among the companies who paid recognition to products manufactured by Progressive Automations are Apple, NASA, Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, HP, Honeywell, and Intel. According to the opinion of Progressive Automations, none sphere of business can be too small or too large for this kind of automation provided with smart solutions be means of linear actuators of different sizes and types manufactured according to world engineering standards. Numerous spheres of engineering gained a powerful partner in the face of progressive Automations and its products are now more and more frequently become the central part of last century’s improvements to already knows mechanisms and equipment designed much earlier. With linear motion automation provided by Progressive Automations, clever minds continue to evolve technologies that on the first glance already reached perfection.

Numerous spheres for linear actuators implementation allow automation experts to reach perfection in this particular field of engineering and create newer and newer masterpieces of linear automation using the electric linear actuator solutions.

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