Using Numerology in Playing Roulette


Roulette is one of the most popular and ancient casino games. This game is played by both novices and experienced gamblers throughout the world because it is simple and fun. Before you decide whether or not to apply numerology in roulette, it is essential to understand what ‘numerology’ is about and how it can enhance your play. Numerologists believe that every person is made of numbers from birth till death. Numerology is an ancient practice and one of the most accurate sciences since the days of Pythagoras, Brahmins, Chaldeans, and the Chinese sages.

According to numerology, nothing in the universe occurs or happens based on luck; everything has its specific place and can be located using numbers. To successfully benefit from numerology in playing roulette, you must find out the lucky numbers in your life. Numerologists believe that a person’s birthday has a very significant influence in their life as well as personality. This is because a person’s date of birth does not change. This number represents the energy within and is a guide to reaching the destiny.

However, in order to benefit from numerology in your roulette betting, you will be required to apply the numbers that are drawn from your name and the birthday, especially the month you were born. Everyone has a unique money number, though most people are not aware of the exact figures that have energies and powers to alter our chances of winning in the game of roulette.

Nevertheless, understand that each number has it lucky and unlucky combination will help you to know the right ones to use. Note that some numbers have an influence on each other as well as affinities on other numbers. For example, you can combine your name’s lucky numbers, your daily lucky number, and your date of the birth lucky number to help you win in any roulette game. Generally, people who believe in lucky numbers are believed to have been born in the right place and at the appropriate time.

Thus, the best way to using numerology in roulette betting is by finding the numbers that have an affinity to each other. However, you should avoid using numbers that have a conflict with each other. A good example of how numbers from affinity with each other are the case of number 1. The latter is positive to 9, 4, and 8, but it’s negative to 9 and 4. It is also passive to numbers 5, 2, and 3.

Common Roulette Lucky Numbers to Play

There are several numbers that are considered “lucky” for the obvious reason. They come with luck. The number 17 has proven more than once to deliver lucrative wins. The boss of Newcastle, Mike Ashley, won a whopping $1.3 million after playing number 17. This number is located at the center of the board, which makes it the most ‘random’ number in the game. Sean Connery is also famous for playing number 17 repeatedly until he landed a massive win of 31:1 odds. This is not the only lucky number in roulette. The number 7 is the second most favored digit in roulette, and many players have won decent payouts by betting on it. Another common number is 3 and is widely used by gamblers both in online and land-based casinos. However, it should be understood that these numbers are considered lucky in western casinos. You may come across other lucky numbers depending on the roulette variation you choose to play. 

Bottom Line

Understanding how numerology works is very vital. This technic will help you to narrow down your lucky numbers and be able to apply them in your daily life. These numbers will help you to understand the world and your own personality. The secret to using numerology in roulette betting is by mastering your path number. Besides the common lucky numbers in roulette that we have shared above, your path number is the essential figure as it determines your life destiny. You can try this number of combine it with other favorite numbers and use it to play bet in any roulette game. Of course, every number on the board has an equal chance of appearing. However, you should keep in mind that the aim of playing roulette is for entertainment and fun.

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